A Canada Reads Day 2 Round-Up

Day 2 commentary was a little scarcer to find than day 1 – but what can be found is excellent and well worth checking out!

The Keepin’ It Real Book Club continues with the insider view.

John Mutford at the Book Mine Set tries to keep a positive face on!

Ruth Seeley continues her very thorough recounting of the day’s festivities.

Buried in Print discusses the middle.

As yesterday, do let me know if you have thoughts to contribute!  Our (civilian) debate is much more satisfying than the official thing.  😉  Upward and onward  – the finale airs in 45 minutes!

One Response to A Canada Reads Day 2 Round-Up

  1. I’ve barely squeezed in the official version of things this week, but it sounds like I have something to look forward to in exploring the unofficial (including your recaps)! I’ll be watching the final debate after-the-fact, so I’ll have to catch up later to avoid spoilers.

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