An Exciting Day for (Young) Book Collectors

The winners of the 2nd National Book Collecting Contest have been announced!  The National Book Collecting Contest awards cash prizes to three Canadian book collectors under the age of 30.  This year the three lucky lads were:

1st – Justin Hanisch,  27
The History of Fish

2nd – Gregory Robert Freeman, 26
The Tudors & Stuarts

3rd – Kieran Charles Ryan Fox, 27
Superlative Works from the Subcontinent

Links to their prize-winning essays to be added as soon as I can!


In even better news, the 3rd National Book Collecting Contest has already been announced!  This is heartening news as there was a year “break” between the 1st and 2nd contests in which the continued value of the contest was clearly being evaluated.  This immediate announcement, coupled with the news that new sponsoring partners have been added, including ABE Books, CBC Books and the National Post, surely means good things about the long-term prospects of the prize.

2 Responses to An Exciting Day for (Young) Book Collectors

  1. Nathalie Foy says:

    Damn. I’m too old.

    • Charlotte says:

      The year I entered I *just* squeaked in under the age-wire. 😉 Someone needs to sponsor a second prize; the National Book Collecting Contest for Persons of Meager Means. For [most of] the rest of us!

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