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After nearly a year on hiatus  I am almost ready to relaunch the blog! What have I been up to? Writing, mostly. While I’m rebuilding, I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter @CharlotteAshley! You can also read my short story review column, Clavis Aurea, at ChiZine.com.

See you soon!

Today in literary mashups…

(Courtesy of my friend Steve Tassie, who I hope is hard at work writing this literary masterpiece! Steve is a comedian, game designer, pirate and sometimes even a teacher! He can be found in comedy clubs and board game cafes around Toronto, from time to time.))


“”Romance” is most often used in literary studies to allude to forms conveying literary pleasure the critic thinks readers would be better off without.” – Margaret Doody, The True Story of a Novel

Please Excuse the Mess…

… I’m renovating.  I needed a WordPress theme with a wider text column, and so now we’re working out the nitty-gritty of all these other customizables.  Apologies!

The Culmination of a Long-ish Search

A while ago I made a rather un-grammatically-titled post on the subject of pretty books, which you can find here.  In the year since then I’ve been visiting these artists’ websites religiously, waiting patiently for the volume destined to be mine.  Almost one year to the day after my search began, it has ended.

Meet my new fancy-purse. The volume is, in case you can’t make out the spine, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas,  under the imprint of the “International Collector’s Library”, from Doubleday.  The original book was  one of those cheap reprints designed to look good if you don’t look too closely; apparently the interiors were quite cheap.  But no fear – the interiors here have been stripped and replaced with a vintage Liberty of London print.

Needless to say it will be accompanying me to all my fancy-dress parties from now on.  I now owe a huge debt of gratitude (my huge financial debt being paid) to Caitlin Phillips at Rebound Designs for making me the coolest book nerd on the block.

Some Egg-Related Fun For Today…

The Easter Bunny visited our house and left nothing, but stole all of my free time.  So in place of a post today, I offer you a diversion.  In honour of National Library Week (in the USA), Oxford University Press is offering free access to their massive online reference collection, the Oxford Reference Online (ORO) database.  And to kick it off, they’re hosting a scavenger hunt!

Hunting information beats hunting eggs 9/10, 10/10 if you already have chocolate at home.