Short Stories:

‘Aisthesis’, Fierce Family ed. Bart R. Lieb (Crossed Genres, 2014).

“The bass line rolled in on the last puff of stagnant breeze before the car came to a stop.Whum, bum, ba-dum; whum, bum, ba-dum…”

‘Lovers’ Fugue’, Library of Dreams ed. Charlotte Ashley (PSG Publishing, 2013)

“It had been twenty-two hours and six minutes since Evie Lancaster had gone off the Dimorphazine. So far, she hadn’t noticed anything different. “

‘Fold’,  Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate ed. N.E. White, (, 2013)

“There are only two settlements on Allie: the Snag, and Beauform. We had always known that if anyone escaped the Snag, they would make for Beauform. They had to. There was nowhere else to go.”


Reviews: Clavis Aurea, (Ongoing. December 26th 2013 – Present)

The Princess Problem, guest blog at Jim C. Hines’ Blog (2014)

Discovering a New Fruit‘, guest blog at Not Far From the Tree (2011)

‘Hope for the Future’, Amphora #155 (June 2010)

Book Camp T.O. – A Report‘, The Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Canada (June 2010)

The Works (and Quirks) of Alexandre Dumas pere‘, Amphora # 152 (June 2009)

Misc Other Fiction:

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